Squid Fishing Melbourne Port Phillip Bay Techniques to use a Egi jig Salmon

Fishing Techniques
Squid Fishing Melbourne Port Phillip Bay Techniques to use a Egi jig
This Video is All About Squid Fishing & Egi Jigging
Reedy’s Rigz How to use a squid jig
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Squid fishing , Fun Relaxing on Port Phillip Bay Few Laughs Tips and we send down a underwater camera to see how the squid hit the Egi jigs.
Squid Set up’s
Tackle Used Shimano Sennia 2500 / Sonic Pro
shimano sephia rod Combo
Ru Squid Jigs , Yamashita , shimano sephia 04t ,japanese egi rods

How To Catch Squid
Where to Fish for Squids?

You will find squids in broken reefs and weed beds as that’s where the like to spawn. Other great spots to find squid are the channels that lead into estuaries, breakwalls and rocky points. You can also look for squids under the local jetties.

How to Target Squid?

There are two basic squid fishing techniques. One, cast and retrieve using squid jigs, and two, use a squid prong/spike with a bait. I prefer using the squid jigs as they are much easier and more efficient.
Just cast the squid jigs and allow them to sink to the bottom. Make the lure dance in the water with an upward whip of the rod on the retriever. This technique alerts the squids in the vicinity and draws them closer to the lure. Allow the lure to sink. Repeat until you catch the squid.
If you want to use the bait instead, insert the baitfish into the prong/spike and cast it out just below the float. When the float starts going under, start winding slowly but surely.

What About the Rod and Reel?
When you’re fishing from land, you’ll need a longer rod with a 9 ft range and a 2000 to 3000 size reel. But when fishing from a boat, a 7 ft rod should serve you better as it’s easier to maneuver.

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