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Fishing Techniques
Different people are involved in different occupations,There are some people who love fishing.There are different techniques and unique method used in fishing.From ancient times, fishing methods are interesting and enjoyable,People all over the world love fishing and fishing in different ways applied.

The video of the Fishing that we have presented to you today is in fact interesting and the first unique is called method. Eggs are used by various fish as their favorite food,Especially the small red stinging catfish.We have applied the best method of fishing with eggs and have been successful in it.We take every unique method and first approach as a challenge when it comes to fishing.

We burst parts of the egg into the mud,Since then the yellow Secret oil applied in the mud .After a while, incredibly stinging catfish were found inside the egg.

We do not take into account the cost aspect of fishing,The material with which we hunt fish,Maybe they are more expensive than fish,But we always have a big challenge,In the case of fishing.Besides, we always apply the first method,Most of us have succeeded in that.

One really revolutionary fishing is the fishing of eggs,Because now we are the first to show how to fish in such a short time.

The current market value of catfish is over INR 1000 ruppe.At present, the stinging catfish has dropped significantly in comparison to other fish in this world.In advanced and developing countries nowadays, fish are cultivated through advanced technology.In our few states in India, very few fish are cultivated.



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