Unbelievable Monster Crocodile Fish In Palm Tree | Amazing Fishing Technique.

Fishing Techniques
One of most beautiful and attractive Fishing video in palm- tree or Cinnamon. There are different types of fish habitat.Some fish make shelter in the mud, and some fish live in and around palm trees.

Pond water is abundant throughout the rest of the season except summer,All the plants along the pond are submerged in pond water. rotten part of the tree is the favorite food of crocodile fish. So they make shelter even in the trees and there is no shortage of food.But at the end of winter and early summer, when the pond water is reduced, these fish remain in the trees.A wonderful game of nature.

Crocodile fish are not cultivated in rural areas .Crocodile fish are called black tiger fishes.These fish are thorn all over the body .These fish are amazing to watch,It is called crocodile fish because it looks like a whole crocodile . skin of this fish is much like the crocodile.Looks a lot like marine fish,But I tell you these fish are cultivated in fresh water rivers or big ponds.

You should have some previous experience in fishing,Many fish can be caught easily and in a short time,We used some of the eastern experience as we extracted fish from dry places.We hunted fish with some new techniques.

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